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WordPress security- Basic tasks

It is important to keep the WordPress site secure. Here are some tips to bear in mind in maintaining the security of the WordPress site:   Always keep the WordPress, Themes and Plugins, up to date. Always backup your WordPress, Contents and database files.     Install some security plugins on your WordPress website: Such […]

Files that need to be backed up in WordPress

There are some files that need to be backed up to have the settings of the WordPress sites: WordPress is composed of two different parts: The application, and the Database. WP-config.php (WP is the default prefix for the database tables)- the config file contains the information that helps the WordPress to talk to the database. […]

Control Who can Comment on your WordPress website

In WordPress you can easily control who can add commend for your posts. Enable or disable commenting on your website.   In WordPress; Click on settings and go to discussion window Use the following items:   “Allow people to post comments on new articles” to enable or disable commenting on your WordPress site’s posts “Users […]

What is Permalink in WordPress?

Per Google’s description; the permalink is a permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog Permalinks are the permanent URL path to your Weblog post. When you create post in your weblog; the default URL address looks link http://www.itperfection.com/?p=X (X is the number of the post) You can easily change […]

Install VMware remotely on a server using ILO

How to Install VMware ESXi on a server using the ILO on that server. Configure ILO on the HP server Connect to the ILO webpage via your Internet Browser Mount the ISO file into the server HP serversĀ  Generation 7 and above come with an embedded tool that facilitates the installation of the operating systems […]

Remotely reboot servers when they crash

ILO capabilities: Use ILO to remotely access the server, reboot the servers, and monitor the servers action’s during the boot-up. Use the browser to connect to the ILO webpage Enter your credentials to logon to the ILO On the Overview page; find the Integrated Remote Console section use on of the ways to connect to […]

Get System Information from ILO

Get System Information From ILO: ILO provides network administrators with a list of very useful information about the server. ILO System Information – Health Summary: ILO is extremely used when using Virtualization Technologies such as VMware. Network Engineers will be able to track all hardware issues in ILO and get a good understanding about the […]

ILO Overview

ILO Overview: ILO provides lots of information about the system such as: Product Name Server Serial Number System Health ILO also gives users the ability to remotely see the console of the server. This feature is called Integrated Remote Console.    

What is Responsive Website? How to figure out if the Theme you choose is responsive or not?

The usable website in any device (desktops, tablets, and phones) is called Responsive website. These days; people use different screen sizes (monitors), tablets, and smartphones to access the website. The main reason that you need responsive website- especially for your business- is to make your clients able to connect to your website through any devices […]