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What is Cortana in Microsoft Windows 10

What is Cortana in Microsoft Windows 10


Cortana is an intelligent digital personal assistant that helps Windows 10 users in searches and daily tasks. You can use Cortana by typing your question or talking to her. Cortana gives the user suggestions, ideas and reminders. users can create calendar items with Cortana as well.

You can also configure you androic notifications to be shown on your computer. That means that the notifications can be synchronized between your phone and your computer. In order to approach this goal Cortan app needs to be installed on your phone.

Cortana is disabled by default when you install windows 10 on your computer.

How to enable Cortana:

  • In windows 10 search box; next to the start button; type CORTANA
  • Click on Cortana and Search settings
  • Cortana is disabled by default, you can enable it by turning on the switch



Cortana can help you find flights and create calendar items in your calendar as well. It gives the users the ability to open applications and even send emails.

Main tasks that Cortana can do:

  • Searching on the web
  • Asking questions about weather and other facts
  • Adding calendar items
  • Converting measures
  • Calling contacts
  • Calculations and math
  • Configuring alerts
  • Reminders on your phone based on the geographical location- such as when you leave home or remind you of something when you arrive at work.
  • Reminders based on time
  • Finding and playing music and videos
  • Translate words and sentences


More information: Microsoft Website