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Telnet VS SSH

Telnet VS SSH



  • Telnet is used to connect to the servers, switches, routers and most of the other network devices.
  • Telnet stands for Telecommunications and Networks.
  • Using port 23 Telnet.
  • Data encryption is not supported by telnet. If you need a more secure way as a replacement for telnet, Use SSH (Secure Shell)
  • Insecure by nature as it send all traffic across the wire (Or through the wireless) in clear text.
  • All passwords are transmitted in plain text.
  • Hackers can sniff the passwords using some application such as Wireshark.


Telnet usage examples:

  • Telnet can be used to check if the ports are open on a network resource

Open the command prompt and type “Telnet www.ITPerfection.com 80”

  • Telnet can be used to connect to the routers and switches to configure them and backup their settings.

Telnet clients:



  • Secure Shell is an alternate way for Telnet.
  • It uses port 22 and uses data encryption.
  • The passwords that are being transferred through the public or unsecure network, are encrypted.
  • Most of the Telnet clients such as TeraTerm, SecureCRT and Putty support SSH as well.