Introduction to Routing and Switching

  • Differentiate between routing and switching
  • Manage routers and switches using Telnet, SSH, Console connection and web access
  • Upgrade the Cisco IOS
  • Configure network settings on Cisco IOS
  • Secure access through ACL configuration
  • Describing TCP/IP and OSI model
  • Exploring classes of IP and subnetting
  • Determine basic switching concepts (Collision VS Broadcast domains)
  • Configure basic settings on Cisco switches
  • Test Remote access and console access to a Cisco switch
  • Configure and implement VLANs
  • Identify STP/RSTP and PVST
  • Configure a Cisco router
  • Virtualize routing for lab environments
  • Backup and restore router and switch settings
  • Manage Cisco IOS
  • Configuring DHCP service on a router and test the settings
  • Introduction to Access Control Lists (ACL)
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