Network Security Essentials

  • Connect your computer to the network (Wired and wireless)
  • Configure basic network settings on your computer
  • Check the antivirus setting on your computer and remote malware/viruses
  • Choose and secure your credentials
  • Backup your personal data and secure company’s data
  • Secure your emails and recognize spam emails
  • Keep your credit card information secure
  • Understanding TCP/IP and OSI model
  • Define network terminology (Networking, IP address, Gateway, Switch, Router, and Firewall)
  • Hacking terminology (Hackers, Hacking laws, Penetration test, DDoS attack, Cryptography)
  • Differentiate between virus, botnet, malware, Trojan, backdoor and worms
  • Installing and configuring firewall on computers
  • Secure emails and recognize spam emails
  • Define Session hijacking, packet sniffers-
  • How to share data on the network and keep it safe and secure
  • Install and configure antivirus and anti-malware applications on computers
  • Check the performance of the computer and increase the speed
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