In this post, we are going to introduce you to five powerful backup software. All of these applications are suitable for home and personal computers.



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Acronis True Image is one of best backup tools.

Acronis official website

This software has a good desktop interface and working with it is not very complicated.

You can create backup by this software and save it on local or cloud. An online backup service is one of the best ways to protect yourself against such threats as a crashed hard drive or accidental deletion. Natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes can also spell the end of your digital media and documents.

You can create a full disk image backup and restore it.

To select a file or folder for backup, just check a box next to it or at the top of the menu to select everything in the current view. Next comes the choice of destination. The most obvious option is Acronis Cloud, but you can also use an external drive or a local folder.

Before you run the create backup process, you can also choose a backup schedule, such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Nonstop backup options. With the Nonstop option (also referred to as Continuous), the software detects updates to files and uploads them automatically.

Recoveries are fast and reliable, and in just a few clicks you can restore your entire system to the same or new hardware.

Acronis True Image provides simple restore options for each one of the backup tasks you set up. You just select a backup task, navigate to the Restore tab, pick some or all of those files, and then hit Continue.

Disk cloning, all-in-one recovery drives, end-to-end encryption are other advantages of Acronis.

But of course this software is an expensive tool.

Features and capabilities:

  • Replicate your local backup in the cloud automatically so you always have an off-site copy available for recovery. Following the 3-2-1 backup rule. Read about this rule.
  • Make a replica of a Windows or Mac system while it’s in use, without having to stop and reboot.
  • You can use the enhanced speed, reliability, and stability of restoring from the cloud for better overall performance.
  • You can retrieve any file or folder you need from your cloud backup from any computer or mobile device – wherever and whenever you want.
  • You can restore your system to the same or new hardware with our bootable media and driver injection technology.
  • You can set schedules, configure destinations, and select your preferred backup type – full image, incremental, differential, or custom.
  • Free up disk space by moving large or rarely used files to the cloud or a local drive, while retaining easy access with a custom desktop shortcut.
  • This software equipped with an internal anti-malware. It protects your backup files.
  • Acronis spun this functionality off into a standalone product, called Acronis Ransomware Protection. This app also allows you to define exclusions and can automatically recover data affected by a blocked attempt.

This software isn’t free. You must buy license to use all features.

There are three editions:

  • Essential (for 1 computer)
  • Advanced (for 1 computer and it include 500 GB of cloud storage, free)
  • Premium (for 1, 3 or 5 computer, it include 1 TB cloud storage, free)

Acronis True Image works on multiple platforms:

  • Windows: Windows 7 SP1 and later
  • MacOS: OS X El Capitan 10.11, Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14 and Catalina 10.15
  • iOS: Version 10.3 and later
  • Android: Version 5.0 and later

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This software is an advanced backup and restore tool. You don’t need deep IT skills or computing knowledge to protect files and folders, partitions, disks or even the entire system.

Paragon official website

You can start creating a backup by entering a name. Then, you choose what’s to be backed up:

  • The whole disk
  • Specified partitions
  • Some files or folders
  • Types of files

This software in next step, gives you two button:

  1. Create single backup: For once create backup.
  2. Create backup job: For create backup scheduling.

It’s time to tell the program the destination media where you want to store the data.

This software can create a full backup (include system image backup). Paragon creates a VHD, or virtual hard drive, once the job is done, you can create an increment, check the archive, show the contents of the backup, or mount the virtual drive. So, even if you chose to back up an entire system image, you can still restore only specified files and folders.

Paragon has a useful tool: The user-friendly Recovery Media Builder helps you prepare a WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB drive or as an ISO image. The recovery media ensures your computer can always start up for maintenance or recovery should the OS fail or malfunction.

Paragon has two big problems:

  1. It doesn’t tie in with any online backup or cloud storage as a target for your backup!!!!
  2. There is No continuous backup option for folders.

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NovaBackup is a solid local backup solution with a good set of security features and customization options.

NovaBackup official website

NovaBackup supports any what you can back up:

  • System files
  • Full disk images
  • Network drives

You can set it to continuously sync folders or files with a connected cloud backup service. Of course, NovaBackup does not offer online storage with its subscription. Instead, it requires you to set up a connection with an existing file syncing service as the destination for your backups. The point to keep in mind is that NovaBackup does not bill itself as an online backup solution. Anyway, you can back up all your files, applications (Exchange and Microsoft SQL) and virtual machines to the cloud through a single interface.

File & Image Backup jobs have the ability to change the selection mode as following:

  • Full: Every item in the selection, every time
  • Differential: Changes since the last Full
  • Incremental: Changes since the last Full or Incremental

NovaBackup uses AES 128-bit, AES 192-bit, AES 256-bit & Blowfish encryption to it protects backup files against being opened by unauthorized users.

In general, NovaBackup is a good option:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s simple
  • It’s highly customizable
  • It has solid security features

By using NovaBackup and having a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan you can meet all HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA and other industry data protection requirements. Avoid fines and build your business’ trust.

This software is available for only Windows. It’s a big limitation.

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This software is a powerful tool for backup and restore data. This software has a user-friendly interface but it is expensive.

NTI official website

Backup Now Pro will back up your entire computer (operating system, programs, data files, & computer settings, etc.) The restore process will automatically prepare your replacement drive by partitioning, formatting, and then restore all of your computer’s data.

This tool is great for helping you upgrade your PC to a larger hard drive or a faster solid state drive. All you need to do is let Backup Now Pro do a complete backup of your computer, and then replace the original hard drive with you new HDD or SSD and restore.

Backup Now Pro allows for off-site backup to NTI Cloud (powered by Windows Azure). Now your files can be safe and secure in a remote location for that extra protection.

The program is rich with advanced features like Migration, File Filtering, Email notification, and Remote Backup, but at the same time easy-to-use.

Features and capabilities:

  • Backup Migration
  • Incremental backups for Complete System and File & Folder backups
  • Advanced File Filtering
  • Secure 256-bit AES Encryption and Data Compression
  • Email notification when backup is done
  • Advanced backup scheduling
  • Automatic Shutdown after Backup

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Genie Timeline Home is easy-to-use, capable backup software that lets you get back to previous file versions and folders.

Genie official website

This software has a simple interface. Backup work is easily done by this software. There are good settings for backup.

But there are drawbacks:

  • We cannot encrypt the backup
  • Weak mobile app

With Genie, you start out with one of the simplest interfaces around, a for-step job:

  1. Select a drive, the drive to which the backup will be saved.
  2. Now, you will see a four-by-three grid of tiles with options for what you want backed up. These include the basics like email, photos, documents, videos, desktop, music, and so on.
  3. The next choice involves compression.
  4. Now, start backup.

The big Restore button on Genie’s main interface offers three sub-choices:

  • Restore from Timeline: This option opens a File Explorer windows to Timeline’s virtual drive.
  • Advanced Restore: This option shows a timeline of backups, and includes a search box.
  • Disaster Recovery: This option creates a rescue disk.

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Acronis official website

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