These days, one of the most important aspects of cyber security is network monitoring. We have already published a detailed post on the importance and how to monitor the network. We suggest you read it. In this post, we’ll take a look at Datadog Network performance monitor to help you understand the different aspects of this software. This software is a network monitoring software that be install on various Linux distributions and is therefore welcomed by network administrators who have Linux computers. In almost all network monitoring applications rankings, Datadog is one of the top five softwares.

Datadog Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) enabling you to aggregate and monitor that data using any tag available in Datadog. This monitoring toool is achieved through a cloud-based SaaS infrastructure monitoring service. Datadog service relies on SNMP for live statistics.

Datadog NPM is designed to give you visibility into your network traffic across any tagged object in Datadog: from containers to hosts, services, and availability zones. In other words, this monitoring tool automatically analyzes network traffic between application components and provides rich visualization of interdependencies and application topology.The service is able to monitor networks anywhere (for example single-site LANs, multi-site WANs, cloud resources, and hybrid systems) with equal competence.

This monitoring software has a management console that it accessed through any web browser. Its screens include tables of live data and on-demand graphs. Data can be filtered to provide focused analysis.

Also, Datadog includes a log consolidator that will track down the system logs on your network and interpret their records for analysis. This software helps you to identify inefficient cabling, overloaded links, and badly calibrated load balancers.

Datadog is good at managing hypervisors and container systems. It provides a management console that shows overloaded servers and lets you remap VMs to spare servers and ensure constant capacity availability. This software provides real- time dashboards with mix-and-match metrics and events from connected apps, hosts, containers and services.