In this post, we are going to introduce you to a powerful tool in the field of network monitoring. It is better to read this blog first of all: Network Monitoring. The tool we are going to discuss is called Auvik network management and monitoring. It is a cloud-based software.

Official site of the manufacturer of this tool

Auvik is an IT asset and network monitoring solution designed for managed service providers to manage entire network infrastructures, including physical servers, data centers, workstations and more. Made for an MSP environment, Auvik lets you see and manage all your clients from a single dashboard. You install the agent and it goes out and sees what networks it can see. And then it starts querying the devices with either the default credentials it has or the ones you put in yourself.

Auvik is available on a pay-as-you-go basis that includes support via email and phone.




  • Automate network visibility & documentation
  • Navigate the network with ease
  • The mapping, port discovery, configuration backups and overall ease of use are excellent.
  • Intelligently analyze network traffic
  • Network discovery and SNMP monitoring. Remote access to network devices without needing to remote into a local computer.
  • Put privacy & security first
  • Create powerful workflows
  • Remote access to routers/switches/devices that do not have their own cloud management. Custom alerting
  • Auvik allows you to open vpn tunnels into network.
  • Support for Two-factor authentication
  • You can give customers read-only access to console
  • Two-way automatic synchronization between Auvik alerts and ConnectWise Manage tickets
  • A live history of all communications between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage for simpler troubleshooting
  • Access to Auvik MSP admin functions through the ConnectWise Automate dashboard
  • Device and network data collection housed in one spot to make client network management easier
  • Support for over 15,000 devices
  • Cloud-based with unlimited storage
  • Password management
  • Real-time VPN usage data




Auvik has two plan:

  • Essential
  • Performance

In both plans, the following are unlimited:

  • Number of users
  • Full support
  • Number of network sites
  • Number of endpoints

Both plans support the following features:

  • Network monitoring & alerting
  • Global dashboards
  • Automated network discovery, mapping & inventory
  • Remote management
  • Configuration management

The following features are specific to the Performance design:

  • Network flow monitoring & analytics
  • Application visibility powered by machine learning
  • Geo IP tracking
  • Syslog archiving
  • Centralized syslog collection
  • Forensic traffic data
  • Syslog search, filter, & export capabilities