Participate in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Exercises

Business continuity focuses on a business operating with minimal or no downtime. At result, It also includes disaster recovery. We can say that business continuity is a strategy while disaster recovery is a tactic. In this section of this tutorial, we’ll take a look at business continuity planning (BCP) and exercises to help you understand the different aspects of business continuity planning (BCP) and exercises. As you can see below, there are similar steps between business continuity design and disaster recovery:

  • Plan for an unexpected scenario: Form a team, perform a Business Impact Analysis for your technologies, identify a budget and figure out which business processes are mission-critical.
  • Review your technologies: Set the recovery time objective and recovery point objective, develop a technology plan, review vendor support contracts, and create or review disaster recovery plans.
  • Build the communication plan: Determine who needs to be contacted, figure out primary and alternative contact methods.
  • Coordinate with external entities: Communicate with external units such as the police department, government agencies, partner companies, and the community.

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